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The SMP Masterclass – SMPAcademy

The SMP Masterclass.



  • Masterclass Part 1: 50 hrs supported online training

  • Masterclass Part 2: One week in clinic practical training

  • In Clinic Training: One to one personal training

  • Ideal for Beginners: No experience required

  • Practical Support: 6 months Ongoing support from our trainers

Location: Birmingham

What this course covers:

The SMP Masterclass is the most comprehensive ScalpMicropigmentation Training Course on the market.

This course is ideal for :

  • Barbers, hair dressers, hairloss clinics, trichologists
  • Experienced clinicians or clinic owners
  • Semi permanent makeup specialists
  • Tattoo artists or tattoo salon owners
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Marketing and sales experts
  • Entrepreneurs and investors who uderstand how to grow a businesses

If any if these describe you then you could be on the way to launching a new SMP practice, a thrilling business opportunity in a growth market with massive client satisfaction.

If you don’t fit into these categories or are undecided you may want to consider trying our taster day.

Part one is our innovative online training course which covers all the basics and prepares you for stage two. This course can be done from home and can be undertaken at your own pace. Ideally we like clients to take their time with this course so it sinks in and the duration can be 2 weeks to 2 days depending on your time frame. The advantage of the online course is that when you enter the clinic for the practical training you have a deep theoretical knowledge of the SMP practice.

Part two of our SMP Masterclass takes place in our clinic. Over five days, which can be flexible to suit your timetable, we’ll cover every aspect of building your SMP practice, from techniques to client care.

Those completing the masterclass also have 6 months of continued support either in clinic or via teleconferencing.

The cost for the masterclass if £2000.00

Our SMP Masterclass Course is ideal for barbers, hairdressers, those working in the beauty industry or clinic owners who want to add high margin services to an existing business.

Please bring along:

This is a beginners course that will build your confidence from the ground up –  all materials are provided and all we ask you to bring is an enthusiastic approach and a desire to be the top of your game!

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