SMP Taster Day.



  • In Clinic Training: One day Course

  • Group Size: Limited to four participants

  • Experience Required: None

  • Skill Level: None

Location: Birmingham

What this course covers:

Deciding to switch career or train in a new technique and sector is a really big deal.  Not only is there the cost of training but you may have to stop earning an income to pursue a new career. And once you’ve qualified you’re going to have to invest in your business in time and money to grow it.

Our SMP trial day is the ideal opportunity to dip your toe in the water and find out if its for you before taking the leap. Run in a small group (max of 4 students) this course is ideal for those thinking of training in SMP.

Paul and Gavin will spend the day with you. We’ll introduce you to our SMP techniques, go through what you need to learn and what to expect when you launch your business. We’ll cover health and safety and answer your questions about working in the health and beauty business. Once completed you can decide if you’re ready to enrol on The SMP one to one Master Class. or our SMP Small Group Master Class.

The day is informal, relaxed and there are no hard sells. If we don’t think that training for SMP is for you then we’ll tell you.

The 1 day course costs £195.00 and takes place in our Birmingham clinic. What you learn on this day will be the perfect introduction to the main course and should you want to continue onto a Master Class we’ll credit the cost of this course.

This Taster Day is ideal for those who want to dip their toe in the world of SMP without committing significant time and money.

Please bring along:

We will provide all equipment necessary to learn about the SMP process. Bring an open mind and we’ll do the rest.

Your kit will include

  • A Dummy head (which you can name yourself and take away with you)
  • Pencil markers to practice hairlines
  • Fake skin
  • Ink pots, bottle of ink
  • needles

Your Trainer:


Lead SMP Trainer

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