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Paul is the living emodiment of SMP.  A teacher by training he was one of the first people to ever have SMP at HIS Hair clinic, the inventors of SMP.  He was so impressed with the system that he immedietely joined them. He quickly mastered the technique and combining this with his passion for teaching was soon heading up the HIS Hair Clinic Training Academy.
Today, most reputable technicians in the United Kingdom and United States have been trained by Paul. It’s not a stretch to say that Paul is one of the world’s top experts in SMP.

Paul heads up The SMP Academy and brings with it an ethos of dedication and professionalism that he has always brought to his teaching. We don’t do group training because we don’t believe it’s effective and good value for money. We expect our trainees to go out into the world, do an amazing job and make people’s lives better. If we can’t do that then we’d rather not train you.

Our commitment to training the right people is why we are the only academy to offer a one day taster session where you can develop a real understanding of what’s required to be a top SMP practitioner.

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